St. Patrick’s Day

Today was our St. Patrick’s day celebration at Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda and we celebrated as well as we could.



In the morning we played a fun gold hunting race. Students in 2 teams competed to see who could collect the most gold coins. It was a lot of fun.



In the afternoon we continued the fun. Our K2 and 3 students made some amazing Leprechaun hats. They are huge.



We then shouted “Give me back my gold!!!” as loud as we could.



K1 played a couple of other games. We did a rainbow treasure hunt where students raced to create a rainbow as fast as they could and put the colors into the right order. First they had to find the strips of colored paper that were hidden all around their classroom.



Finally the students in k1 finished the day with some Irish dancing Freeze dancing. We watched a river dancing video and did our best to copy the moves. Whenever the music stopped everyone had to freeze.



Overall the students got to experience many new things today. They used so much energy and learned all about a special Irish day.



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda