Summer Festival:Indoor Games with a Sweet Treat

It’s almost time for us to spend some time away for the Obon holiday. So, to send our students off, we hosted our own Summer Festival in the school!

Everyone showed up in their beautiful traditional Japanese outfits and talked about the similarities and differences in them. Afterwards, we went straight into the festivities.

We had all kinds of games for the kids to enjoy, from tossing shiny diamonds into cylinder shaped cans, to catching water yo-yos in a pool!

Everyone did their best to get the prize they wanted the most and they enjoyed learning how to do each activity. They were happiest when they had something of their own to take home!

People of all ages, young and old, all over the world, like being able to find joys in the simple things and getting something rewarding for their hard work. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, try again.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their time and will look forward to more fun in future events!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda