Show and Tell – K1 Students

The K1 students have been very excited to start doing Show and Tell in class. Tod ay Arjeus brought his Charazard Pokémon toy and his Jingle Bell to show his classmates. 



Everyone was very interested in listening to Arjeus talk about his Charazard and Jingle Bell. Arjeus even sang the Jingle Bell song for everyone!



The students asked many interesting questions about his toys. Some questions they asked included: “Why do you like it?” and “How many Pokémon toys do you have at home?”.



The other students are excited to bring some of their favorite things from home to show their friends. You can see when it is your child’s Show and Tell day on the monthly November calendar. We encourage all parents to help their child choose a Show and Tell item to bring on their presentation day.



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,

Jazmen Tourangeau