What is Sport Stacking?

Have you heard of Sport Stacking?

Also known as cup stacking or speed stacking, it is a worldwide sport that involves stacking 9 or 12 cups. These cups are specially designed for this sport and competitors must stack the cups in pre-determined sequences as quickly as possible.

Last week, we learned a little about its history and after an explanation of the sport, we watched a video of a stacker in action.




”That’s so fast!”

The students were so surprised by the speed of the game but they were very keen to try.

First, we practiced stacking 3 cups.



Sounds easy?

Well actually, there are certain rules as to how we stack the cups, like which hand to use and the order in which we stack the cups. We also start and finish with both our hands on the table… like this!



We continued practicing this week and everyone was getting faster and faster as they got used to up stacking and then down stacking the cups.



Once everyone got the hang of handling 3 cups, we tried the “3-3-3 Stack”, which is one of the stacking sequences in Sport Stacking. It consists of 3 stacks made up of 3 cups in each stack and the cups are up stacked and then down stacked from left to right.



We even raced each other.



“Go, Go!”

”You can do it!”



“We did it!”

These two were so close – they finished at almost the same time!

This student even tried stacking 6 cups. It was a little tricky but she tried again and again.



Great job!

We are having a tournament next week, so stay tuned.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda