Starting to Read

Our K1 students have started their first decodable story book of the year. They are all very excited to start reading on their own.


The first book we will read this term is called, “I am Pig”. We are practicing to read using our pointer finger to touch each word.


Now that the K1’s have built a strong knowledge of their phonetic alphabet, they can now begin to read 3 letter words.


We have set aside some time each week to read our story together as a group. Each student is also having one on one time with their teacher to practice reading their book too.


Each Monday a new decodable book will be given to our K1 students to read. Please take some time to practice reading at home too.


This will help our K1 students build a love for reading if they have time to read with their families too.


Happy Reading everyone!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

Jazmen Tourangeau