Together, Everyone Achieves More

As we approach our extended weekend, we wanted our students to get a better understanding of how to work as a team. While we love the qualities and personalities each of our kids, we want them to also be able to know how important it is to work together.

Today was spent on doing a few team building exercises so as to help them develop their abilities to get tasks done, even without the assistance of the teachers.

We tried a few activities, like making a human knot and even how they can organize themselves to clean a room by agreeing who does what in that particular task. We also partook in an exercise where they were blindfolded and had to trust their classmates to guide them to where they needed to find the goal.

They had great communication with each other, even if it did take some attempts to finally understand the purpose of each exercise. We hope they continue to hone in on their abilities to problem solve together.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda