Mud Play Fun!

Today at Prime Academic Preschool, we did Mud Play.

Everyone was dressed for the mess and was just itching to start. As soon as the mud was ready, they all jumped right into the activity!

They got their hands in the mud and onto their faces.



They sloshed and splashed, and enjoyed squelching around in the mud with their feet.



They were also provided with some tools to add to their play.

They dug and piled the mud, squished and pushed the mud around, and poured more water to the mud.



Here they are working on making a river and a lake.



Let’s see what these students are doing. They seem to be working on something together…

“Welcome to our 3-star restaurant!”



These chefs said that they are making dessert. Mmm! What kind of dessert I wonder…?

“Chocolate!” they said.

Ah! Of course it’s chocolate!



“Would anyone like a chocolate mud pie?”



Yes, please!



Not only was mud play great sensory fun for everyone, it engaged all their senses and created so much activity and imaginative play. We observed good teamwork as the students themselves took the lead and decided how to play!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda