Gym Day

It’s Gym Day!

The students at Prime Academic Preschool love Gym Days.



We started by stretching our bodies.



Can you touch your toes?



“I can do it!”



We did a variety of activities today, including some running races…



…the parachute…



…and dodgeball.



The students were very excited when we finished off with one of their favorite games – The Pirate Game!



When we go to the gym, we focus on improving various physical skills, but we also aim to promote their social and emotional development, too. Not only do they learn the basic rules of games, they  also develop tactics and strategies as they think about how to win. They realize that by interacting and cooperating with each other, they can reach a common goal together, and have fun, too.



It was LEAPS of fun today!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda