Dominoes, Polls, and Strings

We have reached the end of May! Some of the students are already getting a little tired as the months get hotter and more rainy, but are still having fun at PAP!

Today, we had our votes for Hat King and Hat Queen of 2024. After all the cool, cute and interesting hats that everyone wore, they got to vote for their classmates.

Even after a week of seeing our friends hats, it was not easy to pick the ones we like the best.

After we got to place our ballots in the box, we had a little fun with some dominoes that were loaned to us from sister PAP schools! Thank you very much! The students had fun playing with them!

Some tried their best to make the tallest towers that they could. Others wanted to make a line of dominoes as long as possible and see how fun it would be to knock them down.

In the afternoon, we played with elastic strings. Well did all kinds of games, from playing slingshot baseball, to limbo! It was a fun time!

Great job this week, everyone! We hope you enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you in June!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda