Today’s subject study was Science. We had many interesting things happening across all our classes in PAP today.

The K1 students learned about objects that sink or float. First, they made a hypothesis, tested it out, and then recorded their findings.

The K2 students have been learning about bugs and insects. Today, they learned about the specific habitats of insects and bugs.

Then, they reviewed their learning about insects by doing ant finger painting. All students remembered that all insects have: three body parts, an antennae, and 6 legs.

Over on the K3 side, they learned about water pollution and discussed ways everyone can keep our waters clean. Then they carried out an experiment to illustrate the causes and effects of oil spills in our oceans. It was an eye-opening experience!

It is always a fun and educational time learning about how science works wonders in the world we live in.

Great investigating today, PAP.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

– Tuli