Two Top Table Tennis Tournament

A few weeks ago, we got to learn the sport of Boxing. Today, we spent the afternoon learning about a variety of sports and which sports are popular in a few countries. For example, American football is very popular in America, but soccer is Still a developing sport.

Here in Japan, baseball is the most popular sport in the country, but many children enjoy playing table tennis. It fun to play, it doesn’t require a lot of physical movement, and it can be played in different ways. 

For example, we got to show the students that some people play table tennis with slippers. So, we hosted a PAP tournament for all the students to enjoy! First, we taught all the kids how to serve the ball and how to hit the ball with the slipper. Some were more natural at the sport than others, but that’s OK.

We also wanted to teach the students proper sportsmanship, so we had each of them wish the others “Good luck” and “Good game” before and after each match.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda