Wonderful Outdoor Winter Games

As the winter weather is still around, we have to do all that we can to keep our body warm. There are plenty of winter sports that we can do inside, but it’s always nice to go outside and burn off some energy when there is no gym to play in.

We took some time in the morning to go to the park while the sun is still high in the sky and played some games. We started with our parachute, holding it nicely and running underneath, finding space to escape.

We also took turns with a ring toss, getting as many rings as we could around a cone. They did very well working on their hand-eye coordination.

Then, we had a fun chase with Mr. Wolf, where everyone lined up and had to run away from the wolf when it was dinner time. Don’t get too close!

They all had a great time playing and hope to have more fun outside in the winter before it starts to become warm again. Have a great weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda