The Role of Numbers

The students at Prime Academic Preschool are learning about the role of numbers in Social Studies.

We started with an introduction to numbers by looking at the numbers we often see around us. The students found numbers on our classroom doors and numbers on the pages of books. They read the numbers on the calendar and pointed to the clock on the wall which also had numbers. They discovered that numbers are everywhere and that they give us a lot of information!

We took a closer look at the numbers on the clock. They noted that there are numbers from 1 up to 12. We discussed that we can read time in two 12-hour cycles which means that we will see each number twice in a day.



The students practiced using “A.M.” and “P.M.” as we talked about our daily routines. For example, “I get up at 7A.M.” and “I go to bed at 9P.M.” We also tried to show the time using an analog clock.



“The long hand is on 12.” This student helped another student as he separated the two hands of the clock and taught his classmate how to turn the hands to the correct place.



OK, how about this one?



“I can do it!”




Now that the students were good at reading the analog clock, it was time for a quiz! The teacher instructed everyone to go around the table. “Which way should we go?” one student asked.



Good question… “Clockwise, of course!” and the students danced and sang as we played the game.



Well done, everyone! We had a lot of fun time as we learned how to tell the time.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda