Daily Practice

One of the things we really focus on at Prime Academic Preschool is consistency.

Every day we follow a schedule that allows the students to know what they should be doing and when. They know that before lunch we have our subject study. They know that after doing the date we are going to talk about the weather and they know when we study phonics.

Due to knowing the schedule it allows us to give the students a certain amount of choice over what they want to do when they have some free time because they know what they should do first.

After a student finishes their lunch in K2 or 3 they know they should practice their reading book before they can play. All of these activities are part of our academic daily practice and they are fantastic ways to improve the students English ability. There is however another way that students practice.

Students are only allowed to communicate in English when they are attending school. This includes any time they are playing with each other. When we practice our daily phrases we use sentences like “Can I use that next?” or “Can you pass me that please?”

With careful guidance from their teachers who are listening nearby students are able to use their English in school. It is an important part of their education here and of their daily practice.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

Alex Jack