Park and Outside Play

With the weather finally cooling down going to the park and playing outside should be more common.

In the summer months it has been a regular problem that the weather has prevented us from going outside. This could have been due to either hot weather, rain or even heat stroke warnings from the local ward office.

Outside play is a very important part of our school curriculum. It gives the students an opportunity to use some of their energy during the day. The healthy exercise, fresh air and sun are all good for the body but it also provides us an opportunity.

Much like with everything else we do at English Pocket park time is English only. The outside play time gives students an opportunity to play games with each other in English, talk freely with their teachers in English and even talk to other children not associated with our school in English.

When it comes to learning a language practice is so important. But if that practice is always the same it loses it’s value. At the park the students are free to discuss anything they like. They can talk about dinosaurs and monsters or princesses and hamsters. This variety makes it valuable and interesting to their education.

We hope everyone enjoys their time outside and lovely weather during the fall.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda