Building a Ball Run

At Prime Academic Preschool, every day is a new adventure in creativity and learning. Recently, our little engineers embarked on a project that not only entertained but also educated them in the most delightful way possible. The project? A ball run race course made entirely from recycled materials. 

Our preschoolers transformed ordinary toilet paper rolls into an intricate race course. With child safety scissors in hand, they carefully cut the rolls to the desired lengths and shapes. They taped the rolls together, creating a winding path for their racing balls.

The excitement in the classroom was palpable as the construction phase gave way to the racing event. Two balls were released at the same time, and the children eagerly watched them race. Cheers and laughter filled the room as they rooted for their favorite ball to reach the finish line first.

This activity reinforced the importance of teamwork and problem-solving. Each child had a role to play, from cutting and taping to testing and tweaking the race course. They learned to communicate their ideas effectively and to respect and incorporate the suggestions of their peers.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and for us to see everyone on Monday!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda