Life Skills Through Art

At Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we do our best every day to male sure that the activities we do have more than one benefit to the students. We explore these goals through all our subject study activities like art, science, music and more.

During Art class this week our K2 students focused mostly on their ability to hold and use paintbrushes. The children have used them before to make art of course but this lesson was the first time we had really encouraged the children to use them properly.

Students were told about the grain of the brush and how it is not good for the materials to squash the end of the brush. They were also taught about how to face the brush away from where they were moving.

In today’s activity the children’s goal was to try and paint all the lines of their page without mixing the colors. The children really gave it their best shot and worked hard to create some beautiful art that we can’t wait to show off to all our parents and guardians in the next art show!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,