Exploring the World of Touch

Hello dear parents,

Today in our Pre-Access class, we embarked on a sensory adventure, learning all about the different types of touch sensations. Let me guide you through our exciting day.

We kicked off our session by identifying various types of touch: hot, cold, soft, hard, smooth, bumpy, rough, and sharp.

Next, we delved into the importance of pain, a critical warning system in our bodies. We watched an enlightening video about a girl named Gabby, who doesn’t feel pain. Through Gabby’s story, we learned how difficult life could be without the ability to feel pain, highlighting how crucial it is for identifying problems with our bodies.

Our exploration didn’t stop there. We delved deeper into the sensations of hot and cold. We learned that cold objects feel cold because they absorb heat from us, while hot objects feel hot because they give us their heat. To experience this first-hand, we got to touch ice packs!

In a captivating game, we further tested our sense of temperature. Each of us was given two wooden spoons, one cold and the other at room temperature. The task was to determine which spoon was the colder one – a test that brought out our inner detectives!

We concluded the class with a hands-on activity: a safe vs. unsafe touch sorting game. We had sheets divided into two sides: safe to touch and unsafe to touch. Each of us received cut-outs of different objects to sort and glue onto the correct sides of the sheet.

Today’s class was an enriching journey through the world of touch, helping us better understand our bodies and the world around us. With our new-found knowledge, we packed up our things and headed home, eager to share our experiences.

Stay tuned for more exciting learning experiences from our K2 Pre-Access class!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda