About PAP

One of the main features of Prime Academic Preschool is that study and play are woven together in a perfect balance.
Learning and playing with all our hearts is what makes the PAP program a leader in the industry.

What sets apart Prime Academic Preschool when compared to other preschools is the study of “Reading.” Children will learn to communicate using English over time when placed in an English environment. However, if a student has not been provided with an adequate reading ability, they will lose their English ability they worked so hard to learn rapidly upon entering elementary school. “Reading” is the key to retaining the child’s English ability that they will continue to utilize in the future.
At Prime Academic Preschool, we learn phonics starting with the fundamentals. We move from vocabulary to sentences, then move forward with stories. This method will increase a child’s ability to read and show real results. The Prime Academic Preschool program is one that is not only fun, but also gives the students the abilities they will require in the future.

Teachers / Staff

Native teachers in charge of classes hold an international license to teach English. A licensed nursery care worker is also on staff in accordance with guidelines that are required by an unregistered childcare facility by law.

Teacher Introductions

Communication with Guardians

A smartphone application is used to communicate what was completed in PAP each day and keep track of each student’s health. Pictures of the students are uploaded to the app daily. Teacher-parent meetings are held twice a year, in addition to explanatory meetings for the parents.

Dynamic Hands-On Experiences / Yearly Events

With experiences such as planting and harvesting rice in Ibaraki, viewing fireflies in Fukushima, staying overnight on a farm, and skiing in Niigata, students get to encounter many interesting experiences they wouldn’t normally get to do in Tokyo. In addition, we have Halloween events in October, Sports Day in November, and a Christmas concert in December. There are so many fun and interesting events throughout the school year. We also actively promote academic events such as our Reading Presentation and Speech Contest

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Phonics Study

We use our own original phonics program titled “Tip Top Phonics” to continually build on each student’s reading and writing ability as they learn phonics. In Tip Top 6, students learn what would normally be studied for phonics in Grade 2 in the United States. Upon finishing Tip Top Phonics in K3, students are able to read chapter books and write their very own creative stories.

About Our Original Textbooks

Our Curriculums are Prepared by Dedicated Staff

Art lessons use the Reggio Emelia approach to broaden imagination. Our sports curriculum doesn’t stop at only building strength, but instead allows students to experience a variety of sports.

Project Work

When students find a subject they are interested in, they complete research, then present it in a poster format. They then give a presentation on the subject they have studied and learned about. Students get to experience for themselves the fun of researching and presenting.

Music Lessons

During our one hour study a week of music, the students learn the melody piano and violin. Piano lessons are also offered outside the scheduled lesson times for an additional fee.

The Library

Our library contains over 1000 books and DVDs. Through library time students come across a variety of books and experience the “fun of reading” and “joy of learning”. In addition, once students can read independently, they can begin Reading Basket. Each book they read will earn them a sticker

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Service

Our school bus picks up students near their homes. For the 10-hour course, students will be dropped off at school by 9am. For the 8-hour course, students will be dropped off at the school by 9:30am. For more details, please give us a call.


A Report Card Each Term

At the end of each term, students will be given a report card detailing their growth over the past several months. Both details about how the students are progressing with their studies and in their experiences in the class will be given.

Challenge Eiken Jr and Eiken

Prime Academic Preschool is registered as an Eiken Jr and Eiken testing venue. Students can take tests in the relaxed atmosphere of their regular classrooms. If interested, please inquire with a staff member. A goal is for students to have passed Eiken Level 3 by the time they graduate our preschool. For more details, please see the official website of the Eiken Foundation of Japan.