About Our Yearly Events

At PAP, in order to ensure the children become familiar with all sorts of culture, we plan to use the entire year to engage in both Japanese and international cultural activities. Children will get a hand-on experience of the differences between the Japanese and the world cultures

A Farming Experience from Planting to Harvesting Rice

Surrounded by rich nature, children will want to get closer to it. They’ll be able to
observe the lives of living plants and animals and enjoy a powerful natural
experience while getting closer to the earth.


Let’s Stay On a Farm and see the Fireflies!

For children who mostly spend their lives living in condos in the city, experiencing
nature first hand is bound to be a prime experience in their lives. In July, they’ll get
to stay on a farm and observe fireflies. They’ll get to see real fireflies up close. In
addition fireflies there are also more than ten species of dragonfly, loaches, pond
snails, diving beetles, dragonfly nymphs and kingfishers to be found nearby.


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