Our Philosophy

I have now been involved in English-language education for near 33 years. It is from my own experiences living and raising children overseas that I came to feel more and more strongly that raising children proficient in English is absolutely necessary. It is for that reason that I myself continue to research and use methods of English-teaching that are both fun and effective. Thus Prime Academic Preschool strives to teach children English that will stick with them and make all of their future dreams a reality.

Our Basic Concepts
  • We take a straightforward and serious approach in aiding our students in their English-language growth, with no effort spared in doing so.
  •  All of our teachers and staff possess a high level of specialized knowledge in the field of English-language teaching and take pride in the manner in which they conduct their lessons.
  • To create an even stronger curriculum and develop our own original teaching materials, research is done and trial and error is used to produce the desired results.
  • In addition to the 4 basic English skills of “Listening”, “Speaking”, “Reading” and “Writing”, we also teach our students the skills of “Thinking” and “Expressing Oneself” in English.
  •  In addition to language itself, we believe that an understanding of foreign cultures is necessary to raise a truly international child. We actively seek out ways to present different cultural aspects of preschools in English-speaking countries.
  • Producing a high level of English in children involves not only the children, but the parents of each child as well. We offer up our support in whatever way necessary in this regard.
  • Through a variety of school events and interactive experiences, we aim to provide students opportunities to use the English they have learned and deepen their understanding of it

About Our Principal Kanae Akashima

In her 20s, she worked as an English teacher at a cram school that focused on helping students to pass their entrance exams. After the birth of her first child, she then began early-childhood
English instruction. For 3 years beginning in 2000, she and her family lived in Canada. Through working at the local kindergarten (Halifax Early Childhood School) and elementary school (Inglis
Street Elementary School) she built up her teaching experience. After returning to Japan in 2004, English Pocket in Setagaya ward was established. Within three weeks of its opening 108 students had applied to enter the school and it immediately became a popular classroom in the area. Later on, schools went on to be opened in Koenji, Hakodate, Ebisu (Prime International
School), Gotanda and Tachikawa. Our principal, with over 33 years of teaching experience under her belt and holding certificates in both teaching English as a second language (such as TESOL
and TEFL) and teaching at elementary schools (J-Shine), strives to provide the most effective lessons to the students. This is done through research of the latest teaching methods and the creation of the school’s own original teaching materials and curriculum. Currently, our principal is busy every day, holding explanatory meetings and parent-teaching meetings as the academic adviser for Prime Academic Preschool.