Tip Top Phonics

About Our Original Textbook “Tip Top Phonics”

Tip Top Phonics is our own original textbook that covers everything from phonics basics to its practical use. The biggest feature of Tip Top Phonics is that not only does it build up a student’s phonics and reading ability, it also helps them raise their spelling and writing level at the same time. It’s a curriculum where students have fun while learning and thus grow their English ability naturally. Each level contains a mid-term and a final test, allowing teachers to get a clear understanding of each student’s current level and proceed with their lessons accordingly.

Tip Top Phonics is made up of the following materials

The Tip Top Phonics curriculum is used mainly in PAP(Prime Academic Preschool)、Adventure class、Private classes, etc

【Used in Class】

  1. Textbook
  2. Flash cards
  3. Decodable Book (Reading Book)
  4. Mid-term test, Final test

【For At Home Learning】

  1. Writing Book
  2. Vocabulary List (aimed at parents)

About the Different Levels

Level 1:Tip Top Phonics 1A & 1B (2 years old, P1 class)

This textbook is meant to teach phonics through listening. This is the age when children start holding pencils.
Through a variety of games and activities in the workbook, students grow used to the phonics sounds through writing the letters and coloring them, etc. in the workbook.

  • Only upper case A – Z letters used. 4 pages per letter. One page per lesson. No homework.


 Level 2:Tip Top Phonics 2A & 2B (3 ~ 4 years old, K1 class)

This is the age when children begin to make a connection between the words they hear and the letters on a page. We focus on the phonics sounds and do not study the names of the letters. Instead of reading “a” as “ei”, we read it as “aa”.

  • Students will learn 6 vocabulary words for each a-z letter. The goal of teaching them is not to read the words correctly. It is more important for students to focus on the pronunciation of the words as the teacher says them and learn to recognize their Beginning Sound. Discerning between the different Beginning Sounds is the goal of our lessons at this stage.
  • Students will also practice reading words that are a combination of a vowel and a consonant or VC words such as (at, in up…)

Level 3:Tip Top Phonics 3 (4~5 years old、K2 class)

In Level 3 students will engage in both reading and writing correctly (spelling) different vocabulary words.

  • Each unit consists of 8 vocabulary words (mainly CVC) and 4 Sight Words.
  • Vocabulary is divided up by the VC group (Word Family) learned in Level 2. We use vocabulary words that
    the children can easily pronounce.
  • Students practice reading not only vocabulary but short phrases (Key Sentences) as well. Each unit consists of 5 pages, making it possible to complete one unit a week with a vocabulary test conducted each week.
    Decodable Books are also introduced in Level 3, beginning a student’s reading journey.


Level 4:Tip Top Phonics 4A & 4B(4~5 years old、K2 class)

In Level 4 students study Consonant Blends (cl, cr, fl, fr…), Consonant Digraphs (sh, ch, th…) and more. Both reading and writing (spelling) is practiced concurrently.

  • Each unit consists of 8 vocabulary words and 4 sight words.
  • Students learn not only how to read the vocabulary but to understand its meaning and use through reading sentences.
  • Longer reading comprehension exercises are done.
  • Students begin creating sentences in their Writing Book that practice using the word correctly.


Level 5:Tip Top Phonics 5A & 5B(5~6 years old、K3 class)

In Level 5 students study Long Vowels (game, time, home…), Silent Consonants (write, climb, night…) and more.
Both reading and writing (spelling) is practiced concurrently.

  • Each unit consists of 10 vocabulary words and 5 sight words.
  • Questions such as riddles and True or False style are added to test students understanding.
  • Reading comprehension passages grow even longer and of a more complicated nature. Student’s understanding of them are tested through comprehension questions.
  • In the Writing Book, students begin writing descriptions of pictures they are presented with.


Level 6:Tip Top Phonics 6 (5~6years old、K3 class)

In Level 6 students study R-Controlled Vowels (artist, storm, letter…), Vowel Digraphs (speak, statue, fault…)
and more. Both reading and writing (spelling) is practiced concurrently.

  • Each unit consists of 10 vocabulary words and 5 sight words.
  • Students learn how to make compound sentences through Cause and Effect exercises.
  • Overall comprehension is practiced through the reading of stories over 100 words.
  • In the Writing Book, students begin to practice writing stories that clearly show the passing of time using adverbs such as First, Then, Last and more.


A Look at a Tip Top Phonics Class

Let’s take a look at some Pocket International School students studying Tip Top Phonics 5.