PAP上北沢校 Head Teacher

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the Head Tea cher at PAP. I am originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but I have been living in Japan since 2006. I like movies, television, and all kinds of music.
Since moving to Japan, I have taught students of all ages. I became interested in teaching preschools after my daughter entered kindergarten. Since then I have been a full time, dedicated preschool teacher and enjoyed some of the best years of my career. I have taught many wonderful students over the past few years and look forward to making even more friends at PAP.


Hello, my name is Mike. Nice to meet you!
I was born and raised in Canada. I studied graphic design and worked as a sushi chef
before moving to Japan. I’ve been teaching English to preschool children for 23 years now… Time sure flies!
I used to be a babysitter so I love being around kids. The preschool environment allows me to do that as well as the other things I love to do such as sing, dance, play guitar, draw, and make crafts.
I specialize in the 1 to 3 year old classes, so I know the importance of having fun, using your imagination, and being energetic! At such a young age, a child’s first experience with English should be fun and memorable.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have taught many, many children though the years, including the very first English Pocket Preschool student, and am looking forward to meeting many more. Let’s have fun together!


My name is Andy. I am from Portland, Oregon in the United States. Even though I was born in Los Angeles, California, I spent most of my youth in Oregon and would visit my family every year. Before becoming a teacher in Japan, I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for children and adults all ages. I also studied human psychology, philosophy and Japanese in University. I attended Aoyama University as an exchange student when I first came to study abroad in Japan. I enjoyed my experience so much I decided I wanted to stay. I have been teaching children for more than 5 years and have lived in Japan for almost 3 years. I enjoy learning just as much as teaching and I hope to help more students learn and grow their abilities for many years to come. Let’s have fun learning together at PAP.


Hi Everyone!
My name is Emma. I’m from the UK. I have a bachelor and master’s degree in Professional Communication. I have been working as a kindergarten teacher at an international school for over 10 years, and I am not planning to stop working with children anytime soon. I enjoy watching movies and playing video games. Let’s have fun together at PAP!



Hello! My name’s Julia and I’m from Seattle, Washington! I moved to Japan almost ten years ago to attend University. I’ve been teaching at English Pocket for almost six years! I always try to keep my classes fun and interesting so that everyone is having fun and learning at the same time! Sometimes I think I might be having even more fun than them!



Hi everyone! I’m Marla. I’m from Cebu, Philippines. I have a degree in Linguistics & Literature and Nursing. I’ve been living in Japan for 4 years now. I originally planned to stay for only a year, but I fell in love with the country and its people so I decided to stay longer! I enjoy reading, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. I am so thrilled to be your teacher and for you to be part of this school! We are going to learn so many great things!



Hi, my name is Frankie. I’m from U.K. and studied performing arts, so I love to sing and dance.
I have a keen interest in art and design and love to come up with fun and imaginative crafts for all students.
I look forward to teaching you!

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