Introduction of our Activities

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Introduction of our Activities

Water Play on the Sky Deck

Our kitchen set that had real flowing water. It was very popular for the children to play with.

In the Library

The students love reading! Many said they wanted to stay in the library forever!

Swallowtail Butterfly Larvae Came to Our School

We observed and sketched the larvae.
We all promised to care and watch over them as they grew.

After they spread their wings, even the children who were quite hesitant had fun as you can see below♪

On a Sunny Day

On sunny days, we sometimes venture out of the classroom on different adventures.
On this day, we enjoyed a Scavenger Hunt♪

On a Rainy Day

On rainy days, our classroom is transformed with just a little effort♪
Making it by themselves made for an even more fun time!
Of course, they also cleaned up by themselves.

Vegetable Growing

In one corner of our farm, the PAP Vegetable Garden started.
We planted plants together and watched them grow.
Very soon our cucumbers were huge!

The children enjoyed their first vegetable harvest very much!
Back at school, we very quickly tried some of our freshly-picked vegetables.
All the children said the cucumbers they’d grown were delicious.

Introduction of Our Events

Celebrating the Opening of Our School!

We celebrated the 1st day of PAP all together♪

Hat Week

In America and Canada, this is a very popular event, so we also hold our own.
Hat Week. Everyone wore a hat they loved and gave a big smile♪

Field Trips

Depending on their age, we sometimes get on our school bus and go out on field
trips. On this day, we went strawberry-picking in Chiba!

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